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As I watched the sculptor's work, I couldn't help but feel inspired by the transformation from raw, shapeless clay into a stunning piece of art.
It was a beautiful example of the life process, full of joy and creativity.


Welcome to Ana Brasil Creations



Clay provides a vast array of form, color, and texture options, to create unique pieces. Transforming clay into timeless art - creativity meets craftsmanship to bring stunning ceramic pieces to life."Working in clay provides an everyday pleasure of creation for me, and hopefully enjoyable for you.


Each painting is a unique revelation. From a blank canvas, a new creation will emerge. Sometimes it's what is the mind's eye. Other times it unfolds itself in ways you did not anticipate.​Subjects vary from abstract, reproducing on canvas places I visit or painting people that I admire..using Acrylics, Soft Pastels, Charcoal media, on Canvas or Paper ​I paint with my heart and my emotions, in a way that gives back experiences and beauty that I see and feel.​​



The process of creating unique jewelry pieces is always fulfilling. Each piece I make is a reflection of my creativity, passion, and personal style. Seeing my designs come to life and knowing that someone will wear and treasure them fills me with happiness and gratitude.

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Crafts  ( Christmas Time )


The feeling of wood in my hands, the smell, and the satisfaction of converting a simple shape into an expression of life give me peace and satisfaction. 

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